1 Litre 40 Shot RV Caravan Toilet Cleaner


The 40 Shot RV Toilet fluid is a dedicated highly concentrated formaldehyde free holding tank formula, for macerator & marine toilets used on motorhomes, RV’s, boats and barges.
This long-lasting fluid is designed for 25ml to treat waste for up to 14 days.
The fluid has a pleasant fragrance and sanities and deodorises. The fluid id Biodegradable and PH neutral, easy to rinse and is non-staining.

– Dedicated American RV and Motorhome toilet chemicals for vehicles with holding tanks
– Formaldehyde Free – Septic Tank Safe
– Long lasting 2 week cycle
– 25ml dose per 100L waste
– Biodegradable, pH neutral, dye free
– Built-in water softener, effective in hard water areas
– Pleasant fragrance, sanitises & deodorises

1L Dispensing Bottle


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