15L Professional Eco Mop Bucket with Wringer – 97% Recycled Plastic

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These 15L Professional Mop Buckets are ideal for larger mops as they have an extra strong and larger wringer. The wringer is raised meaning that all the over-spill goes directly into the bucket rather than on the floor. The side of the bucket has a Wet Floor Caution sign printed onto it. The handle is heavy duty plastic to hold the pressure of the filled bucket. Ideal to be used within the professional cleaning industry as well as for home personal use.

As part of our drive to supply more eco-friendly products, we’re pleased to announce that Robert Scott’s 15L Professional Bucket & Wringer – the popular choice for traditional socket mopping – is now made from 97% recycled plastic.

It’s still available with the bucket and wringer fully colour coded, and at no extra cost.

That’s serious environmentally friendly green cleaning know-how.



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