20L of Pet Kennel Disinfectant Deodoriser & Cleaner

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The Chemical Hut’s 4 Pack of Pet Kennel Disinfectant and Deodoriser in four fragrances – Lemon, Pine, Floral and Candy.

Floral & Lemon– An effective daily cleaner and disinfectant with a fresh floral fragrance. Designed for regular use on all hard surfaces to maintain clean and hygienic conditions. Kills 99.999% of bacteria.Tested to BS EN 1276 at a dilution of 1:30 by an independent laboratory.

Pine & Candy– A powerful disinfectant and deodoriser concentrate that kills odour producing bacteria and fungi and neutralises unpleasant odours. An opaque, green liquid, which incorporates a fresh pine fragrance, Fresh Mountain Pine contains a synergistic blend of biocides and has a Q.A.P. of 50.
Also ideal to be used as air fresheners.

Always allow plenty of time for the disinfectant to dry before allowing pets back on the area.

Ideal to disinfect and refreshen –
– Runs
– Cages
– Beds
– Toys
– Walls
– Floors
– Suitable on most hard surfaces.

Please note in the event of a stock shortage in any specific fragrance – a different fragrance will be shipped in its place.

Clover Chemicals

We’re pleased to announce that our Clover-Christeyns lead-times have now reduced to 4 working days. 

[Dated: 27th Feb 2023]

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