5KG Big K Premium Long Lasting Charcoal Briquettes – BBQ Cooking/Tandoori & Turkish Ovens



Excellent quality Charcoal Briquettes. They are easy to use, super convenient, and long-lasting! Simply add to your BBQ, light and allow the flames to burn and die down, once the briquettes turn grey spread them out evenly in your barbecue and you are ready to cook Remember it is always better to have too much than too little of the Charcoal Briquettes on your BBQ.

Big K Barbecue Charcoal.

– Large pieces of hardwood charcoal produced from Lumpwood.
– Often used in Tandoori and Turkish BBQ ovens.
– They burn at a consistent hot temperature.
– Made from residue wood making the charcoal longer lasting due to the size of the charcoal pieces.
– Also ideal for catering, hog roasts, large BBQs, open ovens and stoves, pizza ovens, etc.
– They produce less smoke, no sparks, and no spitting.

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