5L Flawless High Gloss Professional Floor Polish & Sealer


The Chemical Hut’s high quality acrylic polymer-based metallised professional floor polish.

Flawless dries to a deep gloss and burnishes to an outstanding ‘wet look’ finish, with excellent slip resistance. Flawless HG is an ultra modern polish, which offers gloss, ultimate durability, and the perfect base to clean, protect and prolong the life of a floor.

Suitable for use on non-porous floors, including: vinyl flooring, thermoplastic, linoleum floor, rubber, asphalt, sealed wood, marble and terrazzo.

Possible areas of use include hospital corridors and wards, schools, offices, shops, airports, village halls, etc.

– Deep gloss shine
– Burnishes to a wet look finish
– Fantastic for high traffic areas
– Builds slip resistance on flooring to help avoid health and safety issues

Directions of use
Apply a thin layer of Flawless HG (undiluted) using a mop or polish applicator. Drying time is normally around 30 mins.
Apply a second coat and allow to dry. Coverage is dependent on the porosity of the floor covering.

In general 5 litres will cover approximately 250 square meters of floor.

Please note- This product is not suitable on tiled flooring whereby a grouting gap is present. This actively breaks the seal that the product is designed to create to protect the floor. Flawless Polish is not suitable to be cleaned with a steam cleaner as it may deteriorate the polymers, which in return breaks the seal.

Product EAN – 5060240411153

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