5L Heavy Duty Vanquish Oven, BBQ and Food Plant Carbon Cleaner


One of the most popular/powerful oven cleaning solutions on sale and hands down the best in the marketplace from our experience!
– Vanquish is a Caustic thick cleaning gel based on 20% sodium hydroxide
– Its thick consistency allows vanquish to cling onto the sides of the oven like paint.
– Extremely powerful and effective.

An odourless professional alkali cleaning gel removes carbonised oils, proteins, and fats from ovens.
Ideal to clean grease, grime & burnt on foods from barbecues, ovens, deep fat fryers, extraction hoods and filters, grills, skillets, waffle bakers and equipment.

Vanquish is extremely popular due to the special thickening agent that has been cleverly designed, allowing it to stick to the surface of the oven like paint.

Top Tip from one of our trusted customers is to pour the vanquish into a container and then use a paintbrush to apply and work the vanquish into the affected areas. Thanks to Mr. Newell!

With a PH of 12-14, it is very strong and should be treated with care.

Clover Chemicals

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[Dated: 27th Feb 2023]



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