Acid 20% Concentrate Constrip S24 – Scrubb – 20L




Concentrated Acid Cleaner For Concrete, Cement, Scale, Heavy toilet scale & rust stains.

The highly concentrated advanced is stronger than our original Acid wash 80, utilising our new and improved formula it reacts with and breaks down concrete, cement, limescale, rust, and heavy toilet scale allowing for easy removal. Heavy-duty cleaning tools, work surfaces, and equipment. Great for deep cleaning and heavy toilet descaling.

– Stronger than our original Acid wash 80 at 20% hydrochloric acid
– Powerful acid-based formulation
– Removes concrete splash, mortar, limescale & rust
– Cleans tools, Equipment & surfaces.

Directions for use:

Use only on surfaces resistant to hydrochloric acid. May damage paintwork and stainless steel. For removal of cement stains/splashes, rust, and heavy limescale:
Apply to surfaces neat or dilute up to 1:5 depending on the level of contamination. Allow to work for several minutes, agitate if required then rinse away. Heavy deposits may require longer contact time or multiple applications.

For heavy accumulations of concrete & mortar:
Saturate the concrete or mortar build-up with the neat solution and allow it to work for up to several hours.

Stronger than our original Acid Wash 80 with a formula of 20% hydrochloric aicd.

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