Big K Grill & BBQ Cleaner 500ml



A powerful cleaner and degreaser designed to rapidly attack and remove severe grease, oil, grime and charred food debris from your BBQ and grills. Ideal to be used on BBQ ovens, grills & skillets etc.
The clear spray liquid gel is developed to quickly penetrate, emulsify and dissolve severe soiling.
N.B. Do not use on aluminium or painted surfaces.
Allow the BBQ cool before cleaning.
Place the grill on several sheets of newspaper then spray onto surface to be cleaned. Allow the product to soak for 20 minutes to penetrate then agitate with a stiff brush or scouring pad.
If residue remains, repeat application.
Finally rinse the surface clean before reuse and dry steel parts thoroughly before storing.
Precautions Never use on a hot grill near hot charcoal.
it is recommended that a small area is tested first before use.
Wear suitable gloves.

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