Bio Strip Free Heavy Duty Floor Polish and Seal Stripper


Strip Free has been formulated for the removal of old polish build up and polymer emulsion floor seals. Low foaming and excellent penetrating power, its action is unexcelled. The powerful blend of chemical agents attack and bite through old seal coatings with minimal effort.

Strip Free will remove floor finishes as well as emulsion floor seals. (N.B. when used to remove floor finishes it will also affect the
emulsion seal).

• Removes problem coatings quickly with minimal effort
• Excellent penetrating power bites into old polish layers fast
• Low foaming
• Can be used with a machine or a mop
• Will remove floor finishes as well as emulsion seals

For removing emulsion floor seals: use 1:4 parts with water, apply solution and allow to soak for 15 minutes.
Do not allow the solution to dry out, keep wet.
Use a floor machine fitted with a black stripping pad.
Scrub floor—do not vacuum on first pass.
After allowing soaking time, wet vacuum the floor. If the old seal or polish remains, repeat the process.
Finally, thoroughly rinse the floor with clean cold water and allow to dry before applying a new finish.

Strip Free contains 10% ethanol and is classed as irritant. Check labelling for safety instructions

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