Brick Acid – Multi Purpose Acid for Efflorescence Salt & Concrete Splashes from Concrete, Brick & Stone

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A highly concentrated Brick Acid cleaner for the removal of –

– Efflorescence (the deposit of crusty white mineral salts that appear on a masonry surface)
– Concrete Splashes
– Rust Staining
– Severe Scale

The low odour formula ensures no choking fumes are emmited.

Ideal for cleaning & brightening brickwork, floors & stone.

The powerful formula will also remove unsightly concrete and plaster splashes.
Can also be used to etch floors prior to painting.

Directions –
Dilute according to the area to be cleaned.
For cleaning concrete & brick, use 1. Part chemical to 10 Parts Water.

Always test the resistance of the surface to be cleaned before commencing cleaning.

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