Chemical Absorbent Spill Pads – Yellow


Spill pads are a quick and efficient means of tackling a spill in the workplace or in a public place, whether it be an oil or chemical spill that needs to be cleared quickly.

Which Pads?
Oil Absorbent (White) – Absorbs Oil, Fuel, Diesel & other organic liquids
Maintenance (Grey)– Absorbs non corrosive liquids hydrocarbons
Chemical (Yellow)– Absorbs dangerous and corrosive chemicals

Chemical (Yellow)
For use on spills of aggressive liquids i.e. Acids and Alkalis.
Can be safely used on water and oil based spills too. For use on land only. Specifically designed to quickly and efficiently clean up and collect spills. Ideal to be used around acid baths, chemical reactors and process plants.
Even In laboratories to clean up and collect spills. Also great for wiping down surfaces where chemicals may be present, or as part of your spill response plan

Size: 50cm x 40cm
Absorbency:1L Per Pad
Absorbs: Chemicals



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