Coal – Eco Smokeless Instant Light


Homefire Instant Light Smokeless Coal FireĀ 4kg bag.


The easiest way to light a fire ever invented. Homefire Instant Light is ideal for those busy days when you need a quick fire, or for quickly warming a cold room. Simply light the marked corners of your Homefire Instant Light bag, sit back and enjoy a cleaner, greener, and faster smokeless coal fire.


Designed for use on open fires or multi fuel stoves, Homefire Instant Light requires no additional kindling or firelighters, gives out loads of heat, burning up to 38% hotter than house coal, with enough fuel in the bag to easily last the evening.


  • Handy instant light bags need no firelighters or kindling
    One bag easily lasts for over three hours
    Emits less smoke and carbon dioxide than house coal
    Produces over 38% more heat than house coal
    Burns with a naturally attractive flame
    Suitable for smokeless zonesLess fuel used to achieve the same heat output means less refueling


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