Crates of Kiln Dried Birch Wood



Our Kiln Dried Birch Logs are a low cost, high performance fuel, that’s a great alternative to coal. Sourced in Europe from “FSC Certified” Forest’s where sustainability is key to the future, every tree taken means several more are planted.
The logs are then perfected utilising the latest in “Biomass Boiler Technology” and “Log Dryer Kilns”, enabling a reduction in moisture content to less than 20%, causing them to burn longer and give out 3 times more heat which reduces smoke.
Burning wet or freshly chopped logs is in no way cost effective and can inevitably lead to problems with your Log Burner, causing the chimney to clog with tar making it very likely to stop working creating future warranty issues. Suitable for Log and Coal Fires, Open Stoves, Fire-Pits etc.



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