Deltabac Bactericidal Degreaser Cleaner 20L G7 – Orca Hygiene

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Bactericidal heavy-duty cleaner with a Highly concentrated formulation combines powerful degreasing action with bactericidal activity. Fragrance-free and safe for use in food preparation areas.

– Kills 99.999% of Bacteria
– Powerful degreasing action
– Safe for use in food preparation areas

Description for use:

For deep cleaning and degreasing heavily soiled hard surfaces, dilute up to 1:20 in clean, fresh water. Apply to surfaces using a cloth or mop.
For heavy-duty degreasing of kitchen surfaces, dilute 1:10 in clean, fresh water.
For degreasing larger areas, floors, walls, and work surfaces dilute up to 1:80, depending on the level of soil present.

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