Desktop Fogger Disinfection Fogging Unit – Covers 70sq. Meters



  • Ultrasonic Fogging Machine – The fogging machine has been designed to safely release electrolyzed water (Hypochlorous Acid / Anolyte) into the air for up to 47 hours to tackle bacteria and viruses – Fully adjustable 360° dual mist output with airflow up to 480ml/hr. The energy-saving design keeps power consumption low to ensure eco-friendly running costs.
  • Extra Large Capacity – The large 5.6L water tank allows the fogging machine to run continuously throughout the day and night in room sizes up to 70m2. With a noise output of less than 42dB, it can be used all night without causing a disturbance.
  • LED Display With Auto Mode – Accurately monitors room humidity and adjusts mist output to maintain the desired humidity level. The LED screen also displays current room temperature, with a fully adjustable auto-off timer for any duration between 1 and 12 hours. It also features a blue LED mood light.
  • ION-Exchange Resin Filter – Utilising ion-exchange resin filter technology impurities are removed from the water or disinfectant solution before it is vaporised. The filter does not remove the disinfectant itself. The water tank also has an anti-bacterial coating.
  • Specialist fogger equipment with micro-particle technology is used to deliver a fine visible fog that moves like a cloud sterilising everything in it’s path.
  • Perfect for Hypochlorous Acid or Anolyte (Sold Seperately). Non-toxic, food safe, eco biocides which leaves your premises infection-free and available to use. Dry on contact, non-bleaching and harmless to humans and animals
  • Touch Screen LED Display & Built-in Timer
  • 360° Dual Mist Output
  • Hypochlorous Acid Solution – Please note the solution should be purchased separately.
  • Large 5.6L Water Tank
  • Cool Mist Output – 120-380ml/hr & Warm Mist Output – 120-480ml/hr
  • Replacable Ion-Exchange Resin Filter
  • Blue Night Light & 2 x Aroma Diffuser Pods Included
  • Power Supply – 100V~ 50/60Hz
  • Product Dimensions – 25.5 x 18.6 x 33cm | Power Supply – 100V~ 50/60Hz

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