Drain Unblocker Industrial Strength – B13 Scrubb


Industrial Strength Drain Unblocker 30% Concentrate.

This is the only drain unblocker you will ever need.

– Industrial strength formulation
– Sinks through standing water
– Destroys blockages & odours

Our drain unblocker comes in at around 30% Sodium Hydroxide concentration, Supermarkets only sell products at less than 15%.

This makes our Industrial strength formulation twice as strong as any other supermarket competitor.

Sinks through standing water to burn out blockages and get your drain flowing freely again. Safe for use with all types of pipe work.

Can also be used as a regular drain maintainer to maintain free-flowing drainage.

Industrial strength viscous clear liquid that packs a punch. Available in 1L, and in cases of 6.

FOR BLOCKED SINKS, PLUGHOLES, DRAINS: Pour at least 500ml of B13 Drain Unblocker down the plughole or into drain opening. Clean up any
spillages immediately. Allow to work for at least 30 minutes then thoroughly flush through with very hot water.

FOR REGULAR DRAIN MAINTENANCE IN KITCHENS, WASHROOMS ETC: Pour 100ml-250ml into plughole one or twice a week to prevent bad odours and blockages. Take care to clean up any spillages.

By Orca Hygiene



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