Kindling 12KG Nets of Ready to Burn Sticks


Our dried kindling sticks are perfect for open fires, stoves, barbecues.

All of our kindling sticks are sawn to an ideal size, making staring a fire much easier to get going.

All of our UK kindling sticks are packaged in a netting bag, making storage and transporting the product much easier.
Our eco friendly product is made entirely from recycled packaging.

Each net typically weighs 3kg however all nets are weighed to ensure full weight is received. Simply make a bed of kindling and light.

Once established add firewood to get your fire going. Also available for sale in our shop.

Looking to buy kindling in bulk / Wholesale? Pallet of kindling – 120 nets per pallet

Save your time and buy kindling online, delivered direct to your door.

Please Note: As part of our commitment to the environment we aim to use up to 40% recycled wood in our kiln dried kindling. Please also note that due to the dryness of the kindling it can at times spit when burning hot and fast.

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