Non-pDCB Water Soluble Cleaning & Deodorising Urinal Blocks

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Water soluble cleaning and deodorising blocks for use in all types of troughs and urinals.
Our contract urinal blocks are free from para Dichlorobenzene to help prevent blockages in pipework and reduce the number of flushes per day.

• Water soluble
• Strong citrus fragrance
• Contains advanced surfactant technology
• Helps to prevent blockages in pipework
• Available in yellow or blue
• Economical and convenient to use
• Lasting freshnessNot just the traditional urinal block.

Specially formulated with dynamic cleaning and fragrant agents these water soluble blocks keep traps drains smelling fresh.
Each flush releases water softening agents to aid keeping the drain clear for all urinals.

3kg tub contains approximately 150 blocks.

Please note that the 3kg tubs are purchased to Order, delivery is estimated to be within 10 working days.



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