Odour Neutraliser Concentrate Pear Drop 5L F1 – Orca Hygiene



Powerful formulation neutralises unpleasant odours at the source. Ideal for control of odours in waste bins, washrooms, changing rooms, nursing homes, and schools.

– Neutralises odours at source
– Freshens and cleans
– Suitable for multiple odour control duties

Direction for use:

Always test on an inconspicuous area before use. For deodourising and cleaning carpets, upholstery, hard surfaces, floors etc: dilute with clean, fresh water between 1:20 and 1:80 depending on the level of odour control required. Use stronger solutions or neat product as required to neutralise even the toughest odours.

Ensure good ventilation of the work station. Avoid contact with skin and
eyes. Wear personal protective equipment.

Wash contaminated clothing before reuse. Do not eat, drink or smoke when using
this product. Always wash your hands after handling the product.


Isotridecanol ethoxylated (8-EO), BENZALKONIUM CHLORIDE

Orca Hygiene

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