Pearl Powder Free Nitrile Examination Gloves x 100

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Designed to minimise risks of cross-contamination; the Pearl range are high quality, medical-grade, powder free nitrile gloves that can be used across a variety of settings for barrier protection and to effectively prevent cross-contamination. Designed with a beaded cuff and textured for superior grip, the Pearl range are also the ideal choice when double-gloving; the contrasting colours ensure that any accidental nicks or tears are immediately apparent.

Colour coding to reduce the risk of cross contamination
Pearl has been designed with functionality in mind, by offering a series of colours which are suitable for colour-coding in the work environment to help avoid cross-contamination.

Textured finish for superior grip
The Pearl range are premium quality, chemically tested, medical grade, powder-free nitrile gloves that offer enhanced barrier protection with a beaded cuff and textured finish for superior grip. A grip that works for glove users improves their performance and increases workforce motivation in terms of correct glove usage, improving their safety and compliance.

An ideal choice for the Food Industry
All fifteen Pearl nitrile gloves are suitable for use with all food types, including fatty foods, and therefore make the ideal choice for use in the food industry where the use of colour coding is proven to combat the risks associated with cross-contamination.

Tested to EN374
Resistant to a range of chemicals
Available in fifteen colours
Ideal for colour-coding in food, cleaning and healthcare environments
AQL 1.5
Meets medical standards for pinholes
Free from latex
Suitable for those with latex allergies (Type I sensitisation)
Free from powder
Reduces risks of latex allergies (Type I sensitisation) and minimises particulate contamination
Free from phthalates
Suitable for contact with food
Tested to EN1186
Suitable for contact with all food types
Ambidextrous fit means you don’t have to split a pair to replace a damaged glove
Manufactured using high-quality nitrile
High-quality nitrile combines comfort with puncture and chemical resistance
Nitrile formulation conforms to the hand during use
Nitrile formulation conforms to the hand during use for a more comfortable fit
Beaded cuff
Beaded cuff provides extra strength during donning and helps prevent liquid roll back
Manufactured with textured palms and fingertips
Textured palms and fingertips provide improved grip, particularly when working in wet or oily conditions
Medium-weight construction
Medium-weight construction provides a balance of strength and sensitivity
Touchscreen compatible
Suitable for use with mobile and tablet displays without removing gloves



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