Premium Biomass Boiler Heating Wood Wooden Pellets 15Kg



Being a 100% CO2 neutral, our Premium Wood Pellets are excellent to be used in any combustion systems or wood burning stoves. The pellets are cylindrical in shape with a diameter of 6mm and a length of 30mm making them easy to light. Ideal for any pellet boilers or heating systems as it is easy to ignite and produces very little ash for a easier clean. Made from 100% Coniferous Wood. ENplus A1 certified, UK340, BSL Certified – 6mm Wood Pellets

What is ENplus A1 – The premium wood pellet grade in the United Kingdom is ENplus® A1.
The ENplus® certificate has strict requirements and stands for excellent pellet quality.
This allows the whole supply chain to be covered by a single certification system, which means you receive an excellent quality pellet.

Hints & Tips : being a clean chemical free product, many of our customers use these for cooking in a Pizza Oven. 

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