Pump dispenser for 2 litre bottles 10cc shot

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Pump dispenser for use with 2 litre Clover Chemicals bottles. (Ultrablend & Ultra Dose Products)

A dosage pump for the 10ml delivery of:

UB10 Degreaser

UB20 Sanitiser

UB30 Toilet & Washroom Cleaner

UB40 Washing Up Liquid

UB50 Multi Surface Cleaner

UB60 Floor Maintainer

UB70 Air Conditioner

UB80 Glass, Stainless Steel and Plastic Cleaner

UB90 Fragranced Room Cleaner

Clover Chemicals

We’re pleased to announce that our Clover-Christeyns lead-times have now reduced to 4 working days. 

[Dated: 27th Feb 2023]

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