Ready To Use RTU Virosol Citrus Degreaser

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A gentle but powerful ready to use citrus cleaner and degreaser that can be used for a vast amount of applications. It easily and rapidly removes body fats, grease, oils, food oil from surfaces such as kitchen cupboards, machinery, showers. It can also be used for the following – – removing shoe scuff marks from flooring – smoke damage – oil spills on driveways – diesel stains – bugs on a car – traffic film and much more. Easy to use, simply spray or pour directly on the surface that requires cleaning. Leave to act for up to 2 minutes (depending on the severity of soiling), wipe away with a cloth and rinse clean with water.

Removes body-fats, grease, food oil, synthetic oil, scuff marks, ink, smoke damage, traffic film, diesel stains, insect stains, dirt and general soil from surfaces.

Viro-Sol RTU can be used in public building, sports and leisure centres, shops, retail parks and offices, engineering and the automotive industry.

NB. This product is ready-to-use and should not be diluted. Avoid contact with alkali sensitive surfaces. Can strip floor polish (avoid overspray on polished floors)

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