Reliance Heavy Duty Degreaser/Cleaner 5L G20 – Orca Hygiene


Universal Heavy Duty Degreasing Cleaner.

Powerful degreasing cleaner concentrate for universal use. Designed to penetrate and dissolve the toughest dirt and grime. Works quickly and effectively to achieve a spotless finish in multiple environments. Ideal for food preparation and manufacture, engineering and industrial situations, and general janitorial maintenance. Suitable for use in scrubber drier machines.

– Concentrated formulation cuts through grease and grime
– Fragrance-free formulation
– Safe for use in food preparation areas
– Deep penetrating action

Directions For Use:
For general maintenance and light duty cleaning, dilute 1:200 with clean fresh water.
For medium levels of dirt and grease, use at 1:100 – 1:50.
For heavy duty degreasing use at 1:10.

Orca Hygiene.



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