S22 Acidic Washroom Cleaner Concentrate 5L




Concentrated cleaner and disinfectant for toilet and washroom areas. Powerful action against limescale marks and washroom soils and grime. Cleans and shines surfaces leaving a gleaming, streak-free finish. Kills 99.999% bacteria.

– Concentrated formulation
– Removes watermarks and prevents limescale build up
– Kills 99.999% bacteria

Always use clean, fresh water to make up solutions.

Discard unused solutions after 1 week.

To ensure disinfection on heavily soiledsurfaces, use the solution to clean excess dirt away first, then reapply.

Dilution ratio for disinfection 1:20.

Apply using trigger spray, mop or cloth.

For disinfection, leave in contact with surfaces for 5 minutes before wiping with a clean dry cloth.

For general cleaning may be diluted up to 1:80.

Phosphoric acid, Benzalkonium Chloride [CAS 68424-85-1] 2.06% w/w,
<5% non-ionic surfactants, fragrance

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