Strong Waterproof Tarpaulin with Eyelets – Green

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Our tarpaulin sheets are strong but lightweight, waterproof covers at 80gsm.
They offer an effective and waterproof covering for your application.

As they are lightweight easy to handle covers, they can be used for a wide range applications, such as:
– camping
– fishing
– boats
– log coverings
– garden furniture covering
– gardening
– slip and slide
– anything that needs protecting from harsh weather.

These tarpaulins are rot proof, mildew proof and shrink proof and are used widely in gardens, greenhouses, fishing and camping.

They have eyelets every 1m with rope reinforced hems making them easy to tie down.

Imperial Sizes
1.2M X 1.8M – 4′ X 6′
1.8M X 1.8M – 6′ X 6′
1.8M X 2.4M – 6′ X 8′
2.4M X 3.0M – 8′ X 10′
2.7M X 3.5M – 9′ X 12′
3.5M X 3.5M – 12′ X 12′
3.5M X 4.5M – 12′ X 15′
3.5M X 5.4M – 12′ X 18′
5.4M X 7.0M – 18′ X 23′
4.5M X 9.0M – 15′ X 29′
*Please note the finish size of the product may be up to 20cm shorter to allow for the hems and seams during the fabrication process.



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