Swedish Bundle – Restaurant Charcoal, Swedish Torch & Twizlers



The Log Hut’s Swedish Bundle consisting of Charcoal, wood wool and a Swedish torch.

Our Blue Bag Charcoal is of a High-quality premium restaurant grade.

Blue Bag Charcoal burns at high temperatures for a long period of time and therefore it is recognized and considered the professional choice by our customers.

Made from sustainably forested Iberian hardwood, that creates that perfect bbq flavor. Ranging from 40mm – 150mm in size therefore preferred by chefs and is a top-rated product for tandoori ovens and Josper-type ovens.


– Burns for up to 2- 3 Hours
– Suitable for open grills
– Even heat distribution
– Great for Hog Roasts
– Sustainably sourced
– Premium Grade
– Rarely Spits
– Suitable to be used on domestic BBQs.

Get your professional-grade charcoal now in-store or order online for delivery.

This bundle also includes Swedish logs, which are a great way to take your campfire to the next level. Great to sit around with family and friends and enjoy the constant warm heat that is produced from the logs. Get cozy as a family and enjoy the glow from the Swedish logs, Great for summer nights after a BBQ!

Benefits of Swedish Torch Logs:

– Made from extra-dry, kiln-dried alder wood

– Light up quickly and burn reliably

– Burn from the inside out, leaving minimal trace of the burning behind

– Each log measures 10 – 14.5cm in diameter

– Perfect way of bringing fire with you on the go

– It comes with a premade burner inside.


All Swedish logs are long-burning and kiln-dried to a ready-to-burn standard. This improves efficiency and sustainability.

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