TCH 5L Concentrated Liquid Laundry Starch Solution, for a Crisp Stiff Professional Finish

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The Chemical Hut’s traditional laundering starch liquid is designed for where cleaned and pressed fabrics need that starchy stiffness. Particularly expected of tablecloths, table linen, napkins, chefs’ whites in hotels and restaurants.

Ideal for use in large laundries; nursing homes, hospitals, and hotels.

Either apply manually or through a suitable dispenser into the final rinse cycle.
Iron when damp to develop the hold in the fabric.

USE BY HAND Immerse fabric in a 1% solution of Starch Solution diluted with cold water.
Ensure all fabric is wet. Wring out the fabric and use a hot iron to active the starch while fabric is still damp.
N.B. Do not over apply. Always assess the type of fabric when considering the concentration of starch solution required.

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[Dated: 27th Feb 2023]

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