TCH Premium 70% Alcohol Hand Sanitiser Gel

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The Chemical Hut 70% Alcohol Hand Sanitiser Gel: Anti-Bacterial & Anti-Viral

The perfect refil to our 500ml Bottles.

The product contains in excess of 70% alcohol, meeting World Health Organisation guidelines on hand hygiene in healthcare (2010).

Contains viscosity boosting and other components normally used in cosmetic formulations to improve product convenience for the end user and compensate to some degree for the effect and repeated exposure to ethanol. Users should note that the efficacy of any hand sanitiser product is strongly dependant on its correct use. Contact time is particularly important, users should fully adhere to UK Government recommendations for hand sanitising when using this product.

Apply the product to wet the hands thoroughly. Massage from the fingertips over palms and back of hands and allow to dry without wiping or washing. DO NOT use on damaged, sensitive or irritated skin.


✓EN 14476

✓Kills 99.9% bacteria

✓Active against envelope viruses

✓Includes cosmetic additions to compensate for repeated skin exposure to ethanol

✓Minimum 70% ethanol content

✓Meets WHO Guidelines for hand hygiene in healthcare (2010)



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