Tub of Cistern Toilet Flush Septic Tanks Blocks 24/tub

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Our Cistern Blocks effectively Clean, deodorise and freshen the toilet bowl with each flush for up to 30 days of cleaning power.
Suitable to use with all cleaning products.
Safe to use in septic tanks to help reduce the buildup of Limescale and keep a clean fresh toilet.
Long-lasting blue colour with added germicide and water
softening agents to help reduce limescale deposits.
Lightly fragranced for optimum benefit.
Directions for use.
Close the toilet bowl cover and remove the cistern lid.
Take one cistern block, do not take it out of its individual wrapper, this will dissolve in the water.
Flush the toilet and drop the block into the tank away from the water inlet.
Replace cistern lid.
Replace the block when the colour fades.

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