Virosol Multi Surface Citrus Solvent Cleaner & Degreaser

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Solvent-based citrus scented cleaner and degreaser that has been formulated for maximum cleaning power.

Ideal for cleaning down garden paths along side a jet wash and hard brush.

Used by many in the automotive industry for the cleaning of general dirt from cars. Great for removing dirt from car bumpers and alloy wheels.

Viro-sol is fast-acting to remove even the most stubborn soiling, including –
– Diesel oil
– Food oil
– Fats
– Grease
– Tobacco film
– Body fat
– Mineral oils
– Rubber
– Traffic film
– Engineering oil

Ideal to clean anti-slip surfaces, stainless steel, vinyl, painted surfaces, ceramic, plastic and concrete.

Suitable for use in schools, colleges, hotels, offices, airports, factories, shops, shopping centres, ferries, bars, nightclubs and pubs.

Do not use on aluminium, Zinc or other alkali-sensitive surfaces. Always test a small inconspicious area before carrying out the cleaning operation, to ensure no damage can be caused.

Great in the automotive industry for cleaning of general dirt from cars.

Suitable for use in scrubber driers.

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