X6 Case Saver Of ULTRA AX Sanitiser. Kills Coronavirus, Covid 19, HIV, Influenza & More


A proven Virucidal / Bactericidal Disinfectant Antibacterial Spray which is safe for use on all touch surfaces that are washable.

Odourless & non tainting, so it is perfect for use in food preparation areas.

Use daily to maintain clean and hygienic conditions. Effective against all enveloped viruses including Coronavirus, HIV, & Influenza Virus with a contact time of just 60 seconds.

Spray onto the surface, agitate if required and wipe dry with a clean cloth or paper towel.

For heavily soiled areas, clean first with ULTRA AX and then re-apply to sanitise.

Passes BS EN 1276 Bacteria EN 13697 Bacteria EN 13727 Bacteria EN 1650 Yeast EN 13624 Yeast EN 13697 Yeast EN 13697 Fungi EN 13697 Food-borne pathogens [Salmonella Enterica, Listeria Monocytogenes, Sacharomyces Cerevisiae] EN 14476 MVA + SARS- CoV-2 EN 16777 MVA pr-EN 17387 Multi-resistant bacteria [Enterococcus Faecium, MRSA, Escherichia Coli] accreditations.


✓Odourless & non tainting

✓Kills 99.999% bacteria

✓Active against envelope viruses including Coronavirus, HIV & Influenza

✓Antibacterial Disinfectant Spray

What will i recieve?

– X6 Bottles of AX Ultra Antibacterial Spray 750ML

Clover Chemicals

We’re pleased to announce that our Clover-Christeyns lead-times have now reduced to 4 working days. 

[Dated: 27th Feb 2023]

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