TCH Professional Patio Cleaner

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The Chemical Hut’s professional concentrated Patio cleaner has been formulated with citrus solvents for maximum cleaning action.

It actively cuts through and lifts algae, moss, traffic dust etc meaning it can easily be washed / cleaned away. It is fast acting to remove even the most stubborn dirt with ease; and can also be used undiluted to remove oil stains on non porous driveways and brickwork.

Can also be used to clean algae and dirt build up from Garden furniture, Patio chairs, Tables and Sun Loungers.

This product will last much longer than ready to use Patio cleaners as it is highly concentrated making it much more economical.

Dilution rates- 1:200 (1 part chemical to 200 parts water)

You can make over 600 750ml spray bottles when diluted.

Simply add the cleaner to a spray bottle then fill with water or use in a pressure washer for added cleaning power.


Clover Chemicals

We’re pleased to announce that our Clover-Christeyns lead-times have now reduced to 4 working days. 

[Dated: 27th Feb 2023]



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